Understanding Refly

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The smart editor

Refly is a smart editor. By smart editor, it means you can write your content on Refly and at the same time correct all the errors regarding the style, syntax, and semantics of your content. Specifically, the user will be able to correct grammar, spelling and check for SEO errors using Refly for the written content.

Refly for proofreading

Proofreading is necessary being a content writer and error-free content is inevitable when writing to draw attention. Refly will help you correct the grammar errors using the NLP algorithm in the backend. Also, Refly will be suggesting style errors based on a recommendation algorithm of Refly. Keeping a writing style is also important for a professional writer.

The design philosophy of Refly

Refly is designed with only one thing in mind. When writing the user should have no distractions and after writing the writer should be able to proofread the content. The sleek design of the editor will help the writers to follow this philosophy. Write without any distraction and proofread after.