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Refly is a smart editor and will help you write better content faster. Refly is primarily intended for the content marketers around the world who are trying to scale their content globally. If you want to know more, read this.

Refly is a text editor built with features that help writers. These are the basic features of Refly:

Grammar correction

Refly has an NLP powered backend built for providing the user with better grammar suggestions and error corrections. The grammar engine is built on Machine Learning algorithms and improving day by day.

Synonyms and spelling check

The editor is equipped with in built synonym suggestion system to give the users better word suggestions matching the similar context. The backend engine of Refly is designed to detect the context of the sentence and suggest an apt synonym for the scenario.

Goal tracking

Refly editor helps you to develop a habit. The user can set a goal for a day or a week when signing up for Refly and will be able to track it throughout the use of the editor. The user will be provided with the analysis of the goal and prompts to keep the goal intact.

SEO suggestions

The editor will provide instantaneous SEO suggestions to the content user is writing based on the keyword given. The editor will also give suggestions for keywords based on the frequency of the word usage in the content. The user will be able to select a keyword or enter an alternate keyword based on the requirement. The editor will be able to analyze the content based on the SEO and give the user a report on how good is the SEO working out. j

Publishing and scheduling

The user is able to publish to multiple blogs at the same time using a single click from the editor itself. The user is also able to schedule the publish to his/her blog from the editor’s interface as well.

Sharing to social media

Refly will help the user to share the content published from Refly to social media as well. The user will be able to target the social media channel to be used and can schedule or directly post to the channel upon the publish an article.