The four pillars of quality content and how you can reach there

Highly talented workers worked their way up top with tons of efforts in the back. The success didn’t come overnight and dreams never happened in a blink. They followed a path for a long time. Believing the fact that, something worth doing takes at least five years of persistent practice.

But, is it possible to stay on track for that long? How did they do that? Yes, it takes patience and clear cut planning to execute it. In this article, I’ll describe the seven pillars of effective content writing and how to become a star writer in your domain. If you already are, you can skip the next three minutes and have a coffee !!

1. Begin with end in mind

The content writing is a journey. Through the dense forest, your mind has created around an idea. The basic concept of writing is that “an idea can be expressed in several ways”. Every wonder why there are tons of motivational blog posts, but we tend to produce and consume the same in many forms of content? That’s because an idea can be expressed in a million ways. Likewise, an article is a roller coaster ride for every writer. Travelling through different phases of the idea and around it. It’s always good to have a destination. Always vision ahead. Make sure you know where you’re going. The conclusion is the key rather than where you start. You can start on a train traveling towards the south. Maybe in a morning jog. But the end matters and every writer should know where to stop.

2. Listen first, then talk

Every word is an idea for a writer. Listening to others will help you cumulate ideas in your mind. Every leader in the world, every effective writer have experienced their lives. And they write their lives when they sit down. A compelling story is worth a hundred pictures in your blog post. You don’t want to miss anything happening around. Listen to everyone. Your friends, family, lover. Even listen to the tweets you see every day. This’ll help your idea muscles work out the best of them in an effective manner.

3. Prioritize and synergize

The flow of content is what makes it special. If you’re stuck on a paragraph reading an article, it’s not working. That’s because the human mind is not interested in complications. Complications are not good. So prioritize your points before you start. Even working on an idea, make sure you prioritize the whole structure and synergize the structure. Make sure it’s not boring, but not too exciting as well. You don’t want to change the state of mind of the reader. Make it emotional, but not too hard for the mind to work on it.

4. Look back and sharpen once in a while

Once in a while, read your first article. Make notes on where and how to improve. The analysis of your long term execution and goal. That helps you understand how much you have come from the start. It also helps you to understand how much you have left to go as well. Make sure you’re noticing the improvements because of small things matter.

There you go. The secrets to unveiling the master writer in you. It’s a skill that can be learned. Don’t be desperate on goals, because everything takes time.