5 things to take care of before you launch your dream product

The launch of a startup is something very important to a founder. Especially if it’s the first launch and you’re hoping this would reach the orbit and be there forever.

Though most of the launches are well planned, it might not give the desired output. Sometimes because of the over planning or because it was not planned at all.

Here’s a guide that could give you a perfect base for your first launch. Make sure you have at least three in place out of these five important things you need before you launch.

1. The minimalistic homepage with details about your product

This is very important. You don’t want the bounce rate spiking up for your website on product launch. The website should not be powdered with an essence of the product in it and lot of bullshit. Instead, focus on good copywriting and create a minimalistic home page, explain the basic usage and who might want to try this out.

It’s better if you could just add a live chat to the homepage as well. Prompt to talk to the visitors, and they’ll at least say why they don’t like it or you’ll get a hero out of it. Also, do a basic research on SEO and find the keyword that you want to focus on. Don’t overdo it, but sprinkle the SEO strategy in the homepage. You don’t want to miss the organic traffic.

2. Have the FAQ or docs page ready

Some might feel that FAQ is not a requirement and a bit formal for the first launch. But this might turn out to be one of the main factors for someone to be a loyal customer. Before you go to market, place yourself out there as a customer and assume you are buying your product. Think about the questions you might ask before you buy it. Make a list of questions, and find the most simple, layman answers for it. Then write down your FAQ. If you have enough time to spare, do that extra piece of documentation as well before your product launch. Because nobody else might be able to understand the product like a founder. There’s nothing better than the founder explaining his/her product.

3. Privacy policy and terms

People care about their privacy and security more than you can imagine. Privacy is to be taken care seriously and your privacy policy is the foremost document to showcase that care. A well-written privacy policy and terms will allow users to freely come in and use your product without the fear of any privacy breach.

Make sure you don’t have any anomalies in the document or anything fishy. Be straightforward with and to the point with this.

4. Be ready for the press

This does not count as important as the first three. But this will give you an advantage over media. Landing PR simultaneously with the first launch is hard. You will have to sit down and cold email every journalist you know to have your launch covered. Or naturally, if your product is providing value, people visiting your page could actually do the PR themselves. But they won’t be requesting the materials for that, instead make them available beforehand.

Include the logo, screenshots, simple descriptions and taglines about your product in the PR kit.

5. List of websites that could give you more traffic

Traffic is not always organic. You have to dig the channels yourself and most of the time you will have an easy way forward. Either you can pay a PR agency or you can do it yourself. There are a lot of resources that’ll help you bring up the traffic to your site. Most of them are free and just want to feature new startups/products. Make a list of them and leverage the opportunity. You can start here. Producthunt is also a great platform for you to kickstart your product launch.

There it is, five most important things to take care before you ship it. At the very least, make sure you cover the first three and you’ll have a great launch. Have anything more to add? Leave it in the comments !!