Slipstream is one clever strategy to adopt

I was a racing fan in my childhood. Especially racing games and particularly “Need for Speed“. I’d update for every version of the game, keep up with the newest of everything. Once it was my dream to work for EA as well, even though I never knew what EA did. Yeah, that level of madness !! There was the first time I came across the word slipstream. A driving tactic when a driver is able to catch the car ahead and duck in behind its rear part. That’ll benefit the trailing driver to reduce the drag over the body and air friction. And be able to achieve superior max speed to slingshot past the next corner.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with media guys before we launch Refly. It’s obvious, you need to launch with the best media coverage available. The question is, how do we do that? Here comes the slipstreaming importance. Find writers/bloggers who write about whatever you have. Slipstream behind them for a while. Write a draft, read it again and click send. That’s it.

Trust me, slip-streaming works and reduces the friction between you and the guy you’re pitching to. Every media guy, journalist or blogger will be searching for genuine sources. Though they get around two hundred emails per day pitching products, they’re always looking for new. They need better and better products. You need their audience, you pitch for it.

Now, how’s it possible for you to stand out? Or gain their trust. There are several methods. Make a connection before you pitch. Be useful for them rather than asking for something in return before you know each other. Be helpful, that’s what bloggers seek. Tweet them useful stuff, send them messages on updates that you come across. Or even offer a discount on your product for their audience. Anything that’s required to gain their trust.

Pitch when you feel it’s right !!

And one more thing. Be upfront about your ideas. Don’t just brag about your product and their popularity. You need their audience, tell it upfront. Rather than pitching the extraordinary(as you think) product you’re selling.

And don’t forget to mention the common ground of the audience you share with them. That’s right, you should share a genuine common ground. They don’t want to give their audience for something worth nothing.

Try this, slipstream works. At least it works for machines. We’re smarter than machines right. Are you ready for your race?

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