Save 15 hours a week by planning your week on Mondays

I have a foodie friend. In fact, most of my friends are gourmets. Our data scientist is a cooking evangelist. And in Refly, we all fall for good food.

Usually, our team eats together. And we always have to spend more time thinking what to eat than buying what we need. Guess what, when I’m alone I save around 20% of my time deciding what to buy. I follow my thought and just go at it.

The paralysis by the analysis, the paradox of choice is real. Too many choices are making us think a lot. And with the world full of information, and Amazon selling it lower than the retail stores, I had to sit down 2 hours to buy a pair of running shoes.

Before we realize, the time we take to choose is killing our productivity drastically. I found this out late, and now trying to figure out how to beat it. I’m gonna share some tips that’ll help you beat it. Read on, you might find it helpful as well.

Brain dump at the start of the week

This’ll make your Monday mornings more fun. Usually, the general advice urges you to take care of the most difficult task first. I prefer not to eat the frog first. Instead, take some time to map your brain on a paper. It won’t take more than 20 minutes to dumb everything that’s on your head. Onto a paper or a blank page of the editor. Write whatever you want to do in the week.

If possible, do this on Sundays; that’ll clear your Monday mornings off this task and give you a well planned week ahead

Group your list

A and B, where A goes with the tasks that take more than 15 minutes and B goes with the tasks that take lesser. Make sure you start your day with list B and move to “A” by the end of “B”.

Our mind is sensitive. Designed to be happy about every small achievement. Make sure you appreciate yourself for every 2-minute job you’ve done. Because it matters!!

I love the idea of Tim Minchin about this. Focus on only the short-term goals. By the end of the day, you’ll have the happiness of achieving what you need to.

Prioritize the groups

There will be three levels of difficulty in your tasks. Prioritize them as you wish. You don’t have to follow a specific method to make it work. What works for you is good. What worked for me might not work for you.

I won’t always follow the path someone else tells me to. I choose my own, and I make it work. It’s as simple as that.

Decide the delegation tree

The things you delegate won’t be your problem till it comes round back. So, delegate at your best. And decide the tree as early as you can. Find the right person and assign the task. This goes right only if you have a team for same. If you don’t delegate to your time slots. Usually, afternoon will be the slot for the laziest tasks

The famous Jeff Bezos is famous for the two pizza team concept in Amazon. They push down the authority to a two pizza team, where they can take every decision on their own. Always let people be. It’ll make your job easier and flexible.

Schedule breaks as well

Unless you’re urgently required for the job desk, you keep yourself away from your table once in a while. Schedule your breaks as well. Once in a while, your brain needs a break and let your calendar remind you of those.

Go for these five tricks on your Monday morning planning your week. You won’t have to think about choosing again, ever !!