This is what productivity means to different people around me

I had some thoughts on productivity these days. But in fact, I was unable to get to a conclusion based on my thoughts only.

Based on my inference and the research in the past days, I’ve come to a conclusion that productivity means different to everyone. Every another person has a separate concept of being productive.

At the same time, everyone is trying to get their life in the little-gray area of work life balance as well.

Productivity means smart

Being productive means smart. Doing yesterday’s job is not amusing. And it’s tiring as well. Having a productive day means, planning everything ahead and executing the same plan as required.

This means you won’t have to look behind your shoulder every day for the incomplete work. That means less stress on every day and less trouble to deal with. Smart huh?

Planning is an important part

It’s not that simple to make a perfect day. I rarely get one. But when I get one, I hit bingo. Because that’ll be the day that pushes me to thrive for the week or two to chase that one threshold I keep in mind. Guess what, that day is the most planned one.

I’d use several tools like Coggle, Jira, OneNote to plan my day. Or even a slack to-do bot helps me track where I am the whole day. And it’s amazing.

Working out will help you a lot

Hit the gym for an hour in the morning. You’ll feel achieved. Last week I came across a speech of a marine saying ”Making your bed in the morning will help you change the world”. The sense of achieving the first task in hand is a great feeling he says.

Workout for an hour or half in the morning. Or just go out for a walk or run, and you’ll make a better day than yesterday.

Productivity can be nothing

Sometimes your mind does need to be off track. Let it be. Every day won’t be as same as yesterday or tomorrow. It’s an ocean and the state always tends to change. Understand that it’s okay and you can always get back to the land one way or other.

Don’t give up because the ocean is hard to you. Keep swimming and you’ll reach the shore.

Do I have to say about Monday mornings? I don’t think so. Let it be a productive week.

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