The most common misconceptions about online writing

Ten years back, the choices were minimal and only limited knowledge. But today, with 51% penetration by the internet into the world population, the situation has changed. The people consuming online content has increased. And the content industry is facing a boom in itself. With this boom, the quality of content consumed by the world population is a major concern.

But the question is still unanswered, is it the quality or the quantity that wins the game. There is no doubt that the sites are filling up with content and everyone want content. But with a strong perspective it’s better to have quality than quantity. In all these chaos, we still have some misconceptions about online content creation. These are some common wrongs we come across while writing.

1. Online writing is easy

These days, words are easy to search for and the meanings are available at your fingertips. But it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to write a great story. If its content, it doesn’t matter if it’s online or not, creating something from thin air is not easy or not possible at all. It’s nothing different than plotting it on black and white. You’ll have to plan it, plot it and make it happen. More than anything, what matters is the story you have to tell your audience. Nothing will make it better than a compelling story, and we all know how hard it is to write fiction. That’s why experience matters. Imagination is one of the hundred things a writer wish to have. But it’s not the first.

2. You’ll get traction like you dream it

You might love what you write. But it doesn’t mean every reader will like it. There will be down ratings, ranting on your content, worst of all there won’t be anything at all. It’s not simple to have traction even it’s a great piece of content. You’ll have to work your way up, make it more compelling(use images and graphics). Or even making your introduction better might help you get more reads.

3. Distribution is not just Facebook and Twitter

Nope !! Wrong there. It’s won’t be Facebook and Twitter you’ll have to take care of. Make your blog an endpoint for at least dozens of links. Make sure there are a dozen channels, social or non-social media pointing to your content. That’s the only factor making the distribution of your content successful. Start with Facebook and Twitter, also make sure you post the content online at the right time at the right place. Because timing matters as well.

4. Structure and planning doesn’t matter

Even if you’re not writing a book or a series of content planning and structuring matters. It’s should be a flow from the start itself. Organize your points and make notes before you start. Plan exactly where you want to emphasize and where you want it light. I use coggle for most of my efforts. Mind mapping is the best thing to plan a content. Make sure you have everything at the right place before you start writing. Because, once you start, don’t even blink for a link or search for an image. Leave, “further addition” and continue writing.

Online content is dominating the world and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be in the mainstream. Create better content and there you go, the secret mantra !! If you like this piece, share it with your peers so it can reach more people. Just a click away !!

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