How to rock your content – A definitive guide

King Alexander III of Macedon the one emperor, known and considered being the greatest military geniuses of all time. His name is so familiar because of the legacy he left behind. Though the history also points out that he was a drunk egoistical maniac, the people tend to believe the better side. And the historians were paid to bend the content in such a perspective.

In the modern era where content is the king, the history is written by every content writer around the world. From the current standpoint of content and its relation to the marketing and development of a business, the future is dictated by content and those who create it.

The recent election of the United States president showed us how the content can be skewed for any agenda.

Content will stay as the king. Don’t we all want to be the kingmaker?

Being an effective content creator who can create quality content in limited time, is difficult.

This article contains tips that will help you to be a persuasive content writer. Make sure you go till the end.

Ask rhetorical questions

“Don’t we all want to be the best?”

Think from a readers perspective. If you write about a castle or a garden, your reader will create the castle in their head. Likely, every reader will be searching for an answer implicitly while reading content.

The questions will bend the thought process of the reader, and make them curious.

A curious mind will search for answers.


Formulating content around the questions of your targeted audience will give you a situation to get behind the mentality of your reader.

Make sure you ask the right question at the right time.

Bring the thought to the reader, let the mind do the job. The questions that do not require an answer, which implicitly has answer in itself.

Use imperative verbs

“Start writing today, because tomorrow is never”

Emphasize actions, inspire them. Call to action is one of the most important factors in content marketing.


Motivation is perishable.

As per science, the amount of willpower is limited to a person per day. And the action taken should be completed with that much energy.

When it comes to motivation and willpower, that’s the only reason why this much content circulating in the everyday blogs, still we search for new posts. Let your statement be a door for them to enter and start with. Always emphasize the action.

Emphasize using alliteration

“The beautiful, blistering cloak of the King..”

Alliteration is the technique of emphasizing the sentence from the start by using words starting with same letters. It’ll help the reader resonate the reason for stating the same.

See, something seems to be working right?

The attention is not easy to capture. For a human, the basic attention span is 8 seconds. Every content is skimmed through for the first time. Alliteration will capture the mindful attention to your content and is easy to be spotted just by skimming. A bit of a fancy is good.

Address the reader directly

“Because you’re really important”

A human being is born selfish and will die selfish, so will you. You’re always thinking of yourself, how you can improve and be better. Reading this? You’re thinking the same. Because you’re searching for an answer.

Address the reader directly, get the attention of the user. When anything is about you, you’ll get interested in that. You’re getting there !!

Use anecdotes

“We always wanted to launch our product perfect. We waited long for a perfect one and finally realized it could not be done. A product is perfect only for the user feedback. If the product is not required for the market, why are you even making it? Read on to know how we failed on our first launch.”

Start with a short story. Find a synergy with your story and your content. It’ll help you reach out to the user in the best way possible.
Connect with your audience and use real-life examples to validate your content. The value of experiencing something is more important than anything else, regardless of whom or where.

Who doesn’t love stories? I’m sure I do.

Images, inevitable part of content

There’s nothing much about this. Because you all know one image is worth a thousand words. And an image well explanatory will give the reader a heads up on what to come.

Makes the reader think about the content with a perspective where the image is positioned.

Images are imperative.

Leverage the power of three

“The rain made the roads shiny, slippery and nasty”

There is a great number for a writer. Any kind of writer in fact. Not just fairy tales or novels, three is emphasizing.

Try to explain things in the three-word scenario as much as possible. It’ll make the reader think, read and experience the sentences you write.

Sentences are meant to be short

If you want to make it long, you should call it a paragraph. Sentences are meant to be short. They should be easily understandable and very much readable. You know what, smaller is better when it comes to sentences.

Write sentences which are easier to follow. And emphasize them as well.

Emotions in language

The emotional concept plays a huge role in the readers’ mind. You should let the reader feel what you’re thinking. You should let him/her experience the scenario. Wit a closed eyes, the reader should be in your world. The world you created.

“Your love, s inevitable. But you’re weak”

Let emotions fill the rest.

Stats and facts

Numbers are necessary. Provide numbers to convince the reader.

“The google trends for writing went up by 80% in the last 6 years.” Did you know that?

Stats and facts will make sure you’re authentic on what you’re trying to say. Use true pieces of information to control the mind of the reader. Make sure you’re standing with the reader.

There you go, the weapon for penetrating the mind of your audience is armed. All you have to do is just write and impress the world. Every word has the power to change.

Don’t you think so? Let’s do it then.