How to attain your ninja state aka productivity mode

The term marketing has evolved from a job description to an emotion. Recently it all comes down to content, the heart of marketing has changed from cold calls or emails to the content. Ensuring the quality and making sure you’re delivering the need of the hour is the only way to get the customers to say.

The quantitative game has changed to an emotional game. People buy products based on the beliefs of the company and not the price. Not anymore. It’s not that easy to be consistent in producing high-quality content. The flow state of mind is the first thing you need. Or it’s called the Ninja state.

The ninja state is a mental state where the person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus. And how is that possible? Read on !!

1. Knowing what to do

The ability to clearly define your task in hand is very important. Also, try to constrain the task to be a maximum time of 45 minutes. You should know exactly where to start, and which route to take to get to the point where you want to be.

2. Knowing how to do it

How? Clearly, define the structure of what you’re doing. Let it be an article or a book. It should have a specific structure(link). The structure will keep you on track and deviations will no longer be a problem.

3. Knowing how well you’re doing

When you write, keep an eye on your word count. Words cannot be considered as a measure, so if possible also keep an eye on your efficiency regularly. Because small things can make big changes. Knowing how good you’re doing will let you stay in the flow state.

4. Knowing where to go

Make sure you know where to go to fetch the required. Let it be any resource; image, link or any other thing you need. Or if you’re not ready to jump out of the stream, let if flow. Just leave a TBD there. And come back later for it.

5. High perceived challenges

Let your mind be aware of the challenges you might face. It can be anything. A different phrase/word. A clearer image. You should be aware of the challenges you might or you have come across.

6. Highly perceived skill level

It’s not possible to go beyond your skill level. It’s as simple as that. Being aware of the skill set you have will help you to be in the space where you are comfortable to express. Because you can just write about something you’re not informed in. Or make sure you have that skill level or the depth research before you start.

7. Freedom from distractions

The freedom to let your mind state flow should be there. You shouldn’t allow any other distraction to come in and distract in between. The freedom from distractions is inevitable when it comes to concentration and the flow state.

Here you go. The 7 aspects of getting into the ninja state for your dream content. Follow this and you’ll get 80% done by 20% effort. Have anything to add to this? Leave it in the comments.