Five things to take care for a productive week

If you’re human, you are lazy. That’s basic psychology of human nature. You have to work around a way to make sure you’re staying productive and doing it right all the time.

The design of the human brain is in such a way to work at regular intervals. Though, planning is necessary to do so. Pomodoro is an excellent technique for a start. Here you go, the most critical hacks for making a productive day.

1. Be proactive on your difficulty level, eat your frogs first

Eat your frogs first. This is a common saying with the implication that you should do the most unpleasant, but the important things first in a day. For this, you should already have a clear-cut strategy on prioritizing the tasks you have in hand.

This will make you feel good. Done is better than perfect and the accomplished task is the worst, unpleasant and hardest. But the most important one as well. Start with the completion of that. It’ll give you the fuel to get through the day.

2. Plan your week before it starts

Sunday evening is not for resting. But Friday evening is. Let your Sunday evenings be more productive than Mondays. Because every task requires a planning stage. But planning is not the most important thing as well. So you shouldn’t be doing it on Monday morning. Instead, do it on Sunday evenings. Plan for the week.

Monday mornings should be crystal clear for you to start acting.

If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first – Mark Twain

3. Plan your day on the previous night

Even though you have planned the whole week, it won’t be enough for you work the tasks out into the basic fifteen-minute chunks of simple works. You’ll have to work on every job once again before the day starts. Sleep on the idea that you want to complete x number of tasks tomorrow.

This is an excellent motivation technique. Planning the night before is perfect for execution.

4. Be realistic, know what you can do and what you can’t

Always set your vision as non-achievable. But your daily goals should be realistic. It should be practical so that you’re able to see yourself in the end before you start. Let it be short sprints. Marathons are not productive. Run. Rest. Run.

Never overwhelm with your tasks. Make sure you know what you’re capable of. And your manager(if you have one) should know that as well.

5. Planning the quitting is important

This is the one thing that nobody is aware of. Planning the quitting is as crucial as everything. There should be a stage where you should stop working on something. There is a threshold for someone to work on something. If it’s not working out quit and do some other task. Sleep on the first one, let it be. Try it the next day. You might find it easy to do so.

Here you go. The most important things to take care while you plan your week. Run. But stop when you have to. Run faster. But make sure you know when to stop.