Disruption is happening and this is why you will have to fight your way up

Machines are talking to themselves, and planning the future? The time has changed. Billionaires rant each other over AI and robots. The world is changing to some place what we’ve only seen in sci-fi movies. The workforce being replaced by robots, the cars are driving themselves, some guy(read Elon Musk) from earth is trying to migrate to another planet and humans are wandering around searching for some Pokemon characters around the world. We’re looking up websites to find whether our job will be taken up by the machines in the future.

It’s not simple as it seems. A walk through the history and every industry which failed to move on with the disruption is now dead or grim-faced and digging their grave. Like every living thing, we realized there’s extinction for everything. Look at the postal system, music industry or the television industry, railway.

The key is to embrace disruption and change early. Don’t react to it decades later. You can’t fight innovation – Ryan Kavanaugh

All of them were replaced by something with technology and disruption around it. The ones who adopted the change is still on their feet. The $56 billion industry of Netflix was built from a DVD company who supplied movies on demand. They adopted to the disruption happening and where are the other DVD companies. Everything started changing after the internet and that’s a whole another story. The question is, are we ready for the change or are we gonna be disrupted by technology as well?

One of the most discussed topics of this generation is Will robots take my job? If yes, we have to be ready when the change comes. Adapt to the change and leverage the advantage of being human and having a mind to think with. The problem is, there won’t be much time for adaptation. The changes in the past happened over a long time. But when it comes to the acceleration of disruption in the modern world, there’s not much time to catch up and be ahead of the game. According to the research done by Forrester, the IOT and intelligent agents will be taking over the workforce in five years tops.

Of course, intelligent machines are exciting. And they’re much better than humans in many things. Machines are better in interpreting and analyzing data and even giving an inference towards action. Every industry is going through disruption and the disruption in anything is exponential in nature. Humans can’t catch up unless we act out fast enough and be there before the machines. Drivers and the industrial workforce getting replaced, schools are reinvented, the reality is moving its way into our hands through mobile phones and AR. Transformation is happening and it’s happening really fast. We can’t resist innovation and disruption.

Humans can’t catch up unless we act out fast enough and be there before the machines. Transformation is happening and it’s happening really fast. We can’t resist innovation and disruption.

As humans, what is our role?

Are we done yet? Should we hand over the control to the machines and wait for them to rule us over? No. With everything happening around, we’re not there yet. The change is happening and the humans are best to adapt to change. We change to the change. Machines might be able to replace our jobs but not the emotions. The intelligence might not be the key, but the emotional intelligence. The ability of humans to assess the situation and act accordingly, make the personal decision based on it and achieve results positively. Being self and socially aware and make decisions based on our EQ rather than the IQ. This is where the leadership of a human comes into act. We have to reinvent ourselves to a position where we can leverage our emotional skills.

This is why leaders in the industry don’t fear the change. Leadership is something that can only be done by humans. Machines can’t cheer some team and make them way up the top. IQ won’t help anyone encourage your kid to stand up against the bullying in his/her school. Only a human can understand the emotions and act upon something, support the actions and encourage to be confident. Be a leader by yourself. Change and move up the top of your disruption chain. The change is happening and it’s time for us to change.

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